The Black Awakening


According to Russ Dizdar, a Christian priest who deals with victims of mind control, there are millions, yes millions of people who have been programmed, who are under mind control and may be triggered any moment.

Now think about this for a moment: Triggering one mind controlled assassin only may cause a panic amongst the population, but how much panic will you get when 10, 100 or even 1’000 sleepers will be triggered? And how much chaos and mayhem will you get with one million sleepers triggered? Just imagine a 9-11 happening in every US city all at the same time.

Is this too much for you to be imagined? The human mind has weird strategies of coping with reality. When some guy comes along and tells you something that is too much for you, then you call him a liar or a nutcase or maybe you call him a conspiracy theorist.

Russ Dizdar has a great web-site out there, just google for it, and he has an iTunes podcast too, you should listen to. Unless of course this is all getting too much for you now. Just ignore this post and behave as if it didn’t exist, swallow the blue pill and life goes on.

But even with the red pill, some of the stuff is just too much. Therefore I won’t mention the really hard stuff here, such as satanic rituals and demonic possessions. The psychological stuff alone is troublesome enough, I guess.

Al Bielek is a guy who was involved in the so called Montauk project, where the secret government manufactured the so called Montauk boys. Those were children who were programmed by many different methods. That program started back in the late sixties, and according to Al Bielek there are several generations of Montauk boys now.

Al Bielek claims that there must be several millions of those Montauk boys in the US alone. And therefore he confirms Russ Dizdar without even knowing him. Of course they may both be working for an intelligence agency spreading disinformation. But why should they do this? To simply make freak out a few conspiracy nut-cases?

A basic rule is this: If the elite wants to make something known to the public, then the corporate controlled media will talk about it, and they will do so endlessly. This story has never been reported on any news channel, therefore we may deduce that the elite wants to keep it secret. Why should they want to expose their satanic super-soldiers, their super-secret weapon for their manufactured end-time scenario?

Just have a look at the picture above and let the deeper symbology affect you. Can you read between the lines? To someone in the know about mind control, this picture has a rather ominous meaning. Just show this picture to your average sheeple, and they may give you any harmless explanation for it. It is quite amazing how blind those sheeple are to the dark symbology all around us. But after all this symbology was meant to remain hidden to the uninitiated ones.

Do you remember the many stories about alien abductions? Some researchers have claimed that millions of people believe to have been abducted. There may be real aliens out there, granted, but why should they abduct millions? This isn’t very likely. Scientists may also abduct a few animals to examine them, but not millions of them.

But this number, that is “millions” makes you think of the millions mentioned by Russ Dizdar and Al Bielek. Anyone who knows anything about mind control also knows, that it is easily possible to implant false memories into someone’s mind, such as memories of an alien abduction.

Just imagine you get abducted: As soon as possible you would go to the police and tell them what happened to you, if you’re still capable of doing so. The police would probably take you seriously and investigate the matter. But just imagine you tell them something about having been abducted by aliens, they would just laugh about you or you’d get certified. Such false memories are a great way to discredit victims of mind control.

Imagine that all those people have been abducted, but not by aliens but by let’s say by the CIA or in the context of some ominous military black budget program. Then the whole story has a completely new meaning. In a way, the meaning is much darker now. Aliens may or may not be benevolent, but I guess we all know how benevolent the CIA is.

Now, you haven’t heard the truly dark side of this story yet. According to Al Bielek, by the way he is a guy who has made a very honest impression on me, claims that the first generations of Montauk boys could be identified by their strange aura. Al Bielek claims to be able to read their aura. It is a well known fact that this can be learned by anyone. But he also claims that the newest generation of Montauk boys cannot be identified anymore, unless you’re an expert in behavioral psychology.

The scary thing is this: Al Bielek claims that at least 90 percent, yes ninety percent of all youth in the US have been programmed, and therefore this probably means YOU! Let’s put it this way: If you were one of them, then you wouldn’t know, and you couldn’t remember anything.

Are you scared now? You see, that’s why it is so important that we investigate these matters, because it may concern us much more than we may think it does. We’re not dealing with some science fiction story here but with real life. Or just think of those chemtrails poisoning us. You just cannot say that it doesn’t concern you.

Al Bielek also claims that in Switzerland for example in the year 2000, when he visited that country, he saw that around 5 percent of all youth there were under Montauk mind control. But how is this possible, how could they have abducted so many adolescents and children without anyone noticing? I suggest you watch Al Bielek’s videos on youtube. By the way, Al Bielek is dead now, maybe old age, maybe he was killed.

There’s also something very peculiar: Al Bielek claimed that the headquarters of the illuminati, the bad guys who are behind this mind control stuff, are located in Basle, Switzerland. Al Bielek is the only source claiming this.

Now bear this in mind: I could also be a disinformation agent, or I could be an honest fool, therefore don’t believe anything, just do your own research. This subject seems endless really and I could go on and on and on…

Remember: Everything you know is wrong.

And now watch this:  MK ULTRA – UNHOLY WAR



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