Obama, the Gun Lover

Obama, the Gun Lover

The criminal elite simply loves guns, and they do love the Second Amendment, they just don’t want you to own guns.

You are a slave, and slaves are not supposed to own guns. If you were a slave-owner, would you want your slaves to own guns? Slaves were never protected by the US Constitution.

The US Constitution was meant for a free people, but the American people aren’t a free people anymore, and they don’t behave as such either.

True freedom is never something given by any authority, true freedom is always self-assigned by true individuals, it’s your birth-right as a free soul before GOD. If you expect anyone to give you freedom, then you don’t deserve it.

They have sold their souls to the devil, that is to the lucifer-worshipping masonic elite, and now the devil literally owns them.

Bill Cooper, the great patriot who was murdered by the luciferian elite, called most Americans “sheeple”, and he was right.

Are you still a free American or are you just a citizen of the United States corporation in the masonic city-state of Washington DC?

Think about it.



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