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Meteor Over Russia May Be Illuminati Deception

Meteor Over Russia May Be Illuminati Deception With modern high-tech radar and satellite systems any object the size of a tennis ball or smaller may be detected in earth orbit. The Russian meteor had a size of 2 or 15 meters depending on the source, and yet they told us that its impact came as […]

Obama, the Gun Lover

The criminal elite simply loves guns, and they do love the Second Amendment, they just don’t want you to own guns. You are a slave, and slaves are not supposed to own guns. If you were a slave-owner, would you want your slaves to own guns? Slaves were never protected by the US Constitution. The […]

The Black Awakening

According to Russ Dizdar, a Christian priest who deals with victims of mind control, there are millions, yes millions of people who have been programmed, who are under mind control and may be triggered any moment. Now think about this for a moment: Triggering one mind controlled assassin only may cause a panic amongst the […]

No Conspiracy

Do not think, believe! The conspirators don’t want you to believe in conspiracies. It makes them feel much safer that way. The mere fact that the corporate controlled media do everything to ridicule conspiracy theories, this fact alone proves they’re involved in a conspiracy. Why else would they be so afraid of investigating truth in […]

Hello world!

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